Emma & Chloé Subscription Jewelry Box Review

Emma & Chloé is a jewelry subscription service that delivers a piece of handcrafted French jewelry to subscribers each month. The service prides itself on offering unique and elegant pieces, often featuring semi-precious stones and made of brass plated with 24K gold or coated in a silver bath. The value of each piece can go up to $200, but subscribers get them for a significantly lower price, emphasizing affordability without compromising on quality​​.

The subscription box is tailored to your preferences, including choices between silver or gold plating and different earring types. The service began in France and has since expanded to delivering to women across America. Along with the jewelry, subscribers receive a certificate of authenticity, care instructions, and a magazine about French fashion and jewelry trends​​​​.

Subscribers have shared varied experiences. Many appreciate the uniqueness and quality of the jewelry, highlighting the box’s value and the excitement of discovering new designer pieces each month​​​​. However, there have been concerns regarding customer service, with some subscribers experiencing issues with order cancellation, refund policies, and delayed shipments​​​​​​​​. These mixed experiences suggest that while the product itself is generally well-received, the service aspect may need improvement.


  • Unique, high-quality French jewelry.
  • Personalization options for metal type and earring style.
  • Pieces are handcrafted and often feature semi-precious stones.
  • Good value for the price, with pieces valued up to $200.
  • Free worldwide shipping from France.
  • Some subscribers have reported poor customer service.
  • Issues with order cancellation and refunds.
  • Delayed shipments and charges for cancelled subscriptions.

Overall, Emma & Chloé offers an enticing option for those who appreciate French jewelry and are looking for a unique monthly surprise. The quality and design of the jewelry are generally well-regarded, making it a potentially delightful subscription for jewelry lovers. However, potential subscribers should be aware of the service-related issues reported by some customers.

Ivy Campbell
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